Welcome to Miraculon Weather located in Rogers City Michigan.

Local Weather for Rogers City Michigan USA

More Details at Rogers City Weather

Vantage Pro2 Summary Data via Weatherbridge

Northern Michigan Weather Story from NWS

Data is continuously uploaded to Weather Underground, and Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP).

CoCoRaHS Observation

CoCoRaHS Rain Observations for Michigan

Northern Michigan CoCoRaHS Map

Click on the station dot for Rogers City. The daily amount will show on a click or hovering. For a detailed report, click the link Go to report details.

Snow Depth as measured at this location.

Internet Explorer does not render these gauge and plot images very well.

Firefox or Chrome are recommended for this page.

Maxbotix Ultrasonic Rangefinder Snow Depth:

Latest depth measurement

Some variation due to temperature fluctuations and other ultrasonic anomalies are to be expected. Typically this will be less than 0.3 inches or so, positive or negative. Also, the range finder reports millimeters directly. This is converted to inches by a script running on my Linux computer.

This gauge and web data should be considered very experimental. A snow board target has been placed under the sensor to reduce variability, especially with little or no snow.

AMS Paper on Ultrasonic Snow Sensing
Sensor Data

Miraculon Weather on WeatherLink

Miraculon Weather on Weatherlink
Weatherlink map showing Rogers City Michigan

Extra Temp 2 and Extra Humidity 2 are from a remote station located on patio deck.

Weatherlink Summary with Extra Temp-Hum

WeatherlinkIP uploads this data from the VP2 Console.


Miraculon Weather is part of the Blitzortung.org Lightning Detection network.

Blitzortung US Map with System RED

Blitzortung is German for Lightning Location. Click the map for larger version.

These lightning detectors are hobbyist grade and are not intended for safety or legal purposes. The Blitzortung network localization is to within a few kilometers. Some strikes may not be detected due to the very few US stations in the network.

My VP2 station data is continuously uploaded to Wunderground. My Wunderground ID is KMIROGER7 Click the icon below for current data.

Weather Underground PWS KMIROGER7

I participate in the Citizens Weather Observer Program or CWOP. The Davis VP2 data is uploaded here.

CWOP CW4114 Page

You can look at my data and some quality control charts here:

Gladstone QC Charts for CW4114

Look for CW4114 on the NOAA MADIS page by zooming in on the Northern Michigan Area. Wait for the data to load. It is helpful to add the OVERLAYS for Highways and Counties to get your bearings.

MADIS Surface Data

I am a member of WX Forum. It is a great place for weather enthusiasts to get advice and tips. There are a lot of knowledgable weather hobbyists and even meteorologists that participate.